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Dr Jahangir Akbar

Head Veterinarian

Dubai (Pvt.) Camel Breeding Center

Dubai, UAE

"Ḥumr An-Naʿam is beautifully written and presents the idea of post-and pre-oil era of Arabs and their love for camels, their traditions, and values.


It is really amazing to read the content and see the beautiful pictures of camels, breeding, racing, and beyond the race track.


Ḥumr An-Naʿam is truly a beautiful addition to my bookshelf!"

Priv. Doz. Dr. Dr. habil. U. Wernery

Scientific Director

Central Veterinary Research Laboratory

Dubai, UAE

"When reading Ḥumr An-Naʿam, I took it step by step. I wanted to enjoy every sentence, because it is brilliantly written. 


Congratulations, it is very impressive!

I really hope many veterinarians will read it and pass it to many others.  Please make it public as it is a fine piece of work, very poetic, congratulations!"

Mona Hauser


XVA Gallery, Art Hotel & Cafe

Dubai, UAE

"In the UAE, the camel has always been important. Just how important I did not appreciate until reading this wonderful book Ḥumr An-Naʿam. Aditi Belame Kumar has written an amazing tribute to this Superior Beast. I had no idea how amazing the camel is and it's incredible to learn about all the many attributes this animal has achieved in its adaptation/evolution.  


Also, I felt my heart warmed knowing this book is a loving tribute to her father’s career as the foremost pioneer camel vet in the UAE, Dr Belame Kumar. Furthermore, also a tribute  to the great patrons of the camel industry, the Bin Hamoodah Family."

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